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Hello, My name's Tarryn, but you can call me Justin if you please. I'm the whitest looking Native American ever. 18. Asexual. I draw. Gonna be a welder, too. Read "About" if you wanna know the gist, but feel free to ask any questions!

gon’ go to bed now

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I just have to say, the music playlist on your blog is so beautiful!

Thank you very much! ^u^


wanting to say your opinion but also wanting to avoid drama


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asexual people can:

  • have sex
  • decide not to have sex
  • have a sex drive
  • have no sex drive
  • be sexually active
  • not be sexually active
  • enjoy sex
  • dislike sex
  • get physical sensation through sex

asexual people do not:

  • look at someone and their body responds with ”i want you to fuck that.”

every asexual people is different. but for fucks sake, can we stop acting like asexual means celibate. 

I KNOW RIGHT? I mean, I love Johnny and all, and he’s one hell of an actor, but what the heck man!

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