Happy Hetalia Message.

Ludwig would like to remind you to be brave! Don’t take shit from anybody! You’re the boss!




John Scalzi gets it.

Yes. YES. 

Enough already, dudebros. Give it a fucking rest. We get it: you think vaginas are scary. PLEASE MOVE ALONG INTO THE DUSTBIN OF EMBARRASSING HISTORY WHERE YOU BELONG.


tamaki be like
but haruhi be like




i don’t remember this scene in harry potter

What movie is this?


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game of thrones


Lettuce Bacon Green beans Tomato Ally sandwich 




also, duct tape on your arms, a few layers, but not too tight. basically it’ll stop a zombie taking a chunk out of your arm if you’re reloading or your blade gets jammed in a zombie

wearing a wetsuit underneath your clothing would also be useful. remember; they were human once, humans have blunt teeth! you try biting through duct tape AND a wet suit

never duct tape joints, your movements will be limited, and you want to be fast and danger (gotta go fast)

don’t hole up in small houses either that’s a recipe for disaster, you want somewhere with a secure upstairs, and a way down from the upstairs that is zombie free or can easily be cleared of zombies (avoid fire exits with steps leading up to them though, unless they have gates at the bottom)

sound = attraction, so if you do have guns, use them only in emergencies or for the sake of popping one head you’ll be greeted with many many more

raid your local medical shops, and get there first, nobody is going to stop and share it out equally while they’re panicking. don’t hit out at somebody unless they hit out at you, though, you already have unintelligent corpses pitted against you, you don’t want sentient humans on your case as well (zombies don’t do the revenge thing, humans do!)

try not to piss people off, because as stated before, yes, humans like revenge

don’t try and be clever and use yourself as live bait; yes playing the hero is glorious in movies, but it doesn’t work so glamorously in real life

large numbers isn’t a good idea. you want small groups, even if you just branch out from being in a larger group, because if there’s a lot of you you are a bigger target, but don’t then go off and decide to be in groups that are too small in case you get surrounded (in which case, the duct tape and wet suits will come in handy)

food shouldn’t be that hard to come by, most people would have attempted to flee the area straight from their houses and packed what they had, raiding local shops could still be worth it. but remember, know your way in, your way out, and double check there’s nothing in the shop ready to sneak up behind you while you’re reaching up for that tin of beans

half balaclava masks or something similar to cover your lower face while fighting zombies could also be useful, you don;t want to accidentally ingest flying zombie fluids and end up one of them, that’d be a nasty surprise for your group to wake up to (since going solo possibly isn’t a good idea)

and always, ALWAYS, have a way to start a fire on you

zombies burn


I love my followers so you need to protect yourselves.





#never not the best set pic ever taken

Thor: “fist me captain america”

Tony: “thor i told u, it’s fist pump


Steve wouldn’t even know what to call it, he’d need Tony’s help XD


Love her, they wanna report her smoking but not the hundreds of white girls mocking native american culture….hmm okay